My three year old nephew and Beyonce

My nephew is 3 and a bit. He can’t talk very much yet. I have a name that is not that easy for little kids to say and my nephew has decided to take his time in the talking department. I was DELIGHTED three weeks ago when he busted out with an “Aunt Christy!” Very triumphantly he proclaimed it in the back seat of my sister in laws car while we were on a trip across town. He then managed to get out “Aunt Christy Aunt Christy Aunt Christy” a lot the rest of the night. It was adorable and I was pleased. He has continued using my name since to ask where I am which just has me tickled.


Before he could say my name.. I had a lot of fun singing Destiny’s Child to him.. “Say my name say my name say baby I love you…” I don’t know the verses but he got a lot of choruses as I tried to get him to learn “Christy”

Today my sister in law texted me that my three year old nephew was going around the house singing Destiny’s Child.. LOL.

He’s not so much on the conversation yet but is there with the RnB songs šŸ™‚

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