Avengers, Kicking Butt and Fairy Stories

I went and saw the Avengers last night with my sister in law. It was a last minute decision and I didn’t put much thought to it, nor had seen the trailers so I had no expectations. I also know SOME comics but not all the characters so I couldn’t quite remember who would be an Avenger.  It was brilliant.  I love super hero movies. I love action movies. I love movies where people defy crazy odds to beat the bad guys.  I would love to be a girl who could massively kick someone’s butt like Scarlett Jo can in … Continue reading Avengers, Kicking Butt and Fairy Stories

#8c Our rights… a secondary rant from the NYTIMES…

“Worst of all, they are sent off into this world with the whole baby-boomer theology ringing in their ears. If you sample some of the commencement addresses being broadcast on C-Span these days, you see that many graduates are told to: Follow your passion, chart your own course, march to the beat of your own drummer, follow your dreams and find yourself. This is the litany of expressive individualism, which is still the dominant note in American culture.”It’s Not about You – NYTimes.com Continue reading #8c Our rights… a secondary rant from the NYTIMES…

Musical Meyhem to one of my Best Friend’s Weddings..

Road trips are awesome for hours of unhindered music fun.  I am singing in one of my best friends weddings this weekend (I now have tacky songs from My Best Friend’s Wedding rolling through my head.. something about “putting on my makeup and saying a little prayer for you” – am I the only one that doesn’t like that movie?!) so that meant at least some of my road trip was spent practicing the wedding songs. But that can only go on for so long. Driving from Ohio to the East Coast of Virginia.. especially when you smack into DC … Continue reading Musical Meyhem to one of my Best Friend’s Weddings..

Language issues with the Walmart guy

I have a chromatic tuner I haven’t been able to use since I was gifted it because I can’t seem to find a battery to go in it. So I went to the Walmart. You can find everything at the Walmart. Bee-lined for the electronics. Asked a man in a Walmart shirt if he could help me find a battery for my tuner. He looked at me like I had spoken Dutch to him. “What did you say???!”Me, quickly realizing my mistake.“Do you have a baddery for this?”Walmart guy: Oh! I thought you said something totally different. Me, keeping it to myself that I did … Continue reading Language issues with the Walmart guy

Walking in thunderstorms

When I was a kid I would jump on my bike and head out for a long bike ride the second the air smelled like rain so I could enjoy the thrill and excitement of being soaked to the bone and the thunder and lightning and the droplets splashing down on your face- before my parents could do something sensible and stop me from leaving the house! It’s kinda like running a red light when it’s yellow and you hit the acceleration… “Committed!”  I am trying to fit in as much walking as possible in suburbia Ohio which is not … Continue reading Walking in thunderstorms

The Curse of Motivational Speaking.. a borrowed borrowed post…

I borrowed a borrowed post!  I don’t think either of these pastors will mind me passing on a good word.Is this the kinda message you are looking to hear?“the message being heard is, “God has put the potential in you and all you need to do is believe in yourself to unlock that potential. Have a grand vision and live out that vision. You must be a man or woman of destiny and the sky will be the limit for you. Don’t let your past failures get in your way of success. Look beyond them, as Jesus looked beyond the … Continue reading The Curse of Motivational Speaking.. a borrowed borrowed post…

The Porn Path

This is not light. It is not easy. But I think all of us should watch it. It’s provocative. Honest. Real.  It’s long. So watch it in fragments or grab a kettle and a cuppa. What is your connection to porn? How much has it affected you? Consumed you? Consumed those you love? Do you really know what you are getting into? Or what has held you for years… decades? Is it harmless? As a woman has your self worth and identity been shed down the gutter because of porn? What do you fear? Will it affect your marriage? Is … Continue reading The Porn Path

"When I Became a Man" Some spoken word for the wounded souls..

The web has a way of leading you from one thing to the next. From my old housemate and friend’s blog recommendation, to me googling Frankie Martinez (something the blog reminded me of) to two Frankie salsa videos and this coming up in the queue with it. It has nothing to do with salsa. It is spoken word. If you haven’t heard spoken word. I recommend it. It’s a style of poetry I have only seen in the African American community and it manages to stop me every time. Choke me. Bring me to chills or tears. There is always something profound being … Continue reading "When I Became a Man" Some spoken word for the wounded souls..