DJ Lubi’s Top 10 salsa tracks

Sad I am missing DJ Lubi’s big party with La Excelencia in Leeds UK tomor so I’ll listen to his list of salsa tracks this weekend and have my own lil party til I can get my salsa shoes back on again. 

Despite my lack of dancing the last 6 weeks of my sabbatical I was very pleased to discover on arriving in LA last week to see some cousins that it was the weekend of the Los Angeles Salsa Congress. I nearly DIED from joy at the timing of it. It was really too late to catch much of it because I wanted quality time with my family but I enjoyed a rip roaring pre-party with all the people who came into town for it – 3 hours of dancing in a packed house and I didn’t stop for a second. I am still paying for the pain a week later with the way my heel got ripped up by my newish salsa shoes that aren’t quite broken in yet. Note to self. Always keep bandaids in the salsa bag! Best dances of the evening were from an Australian and an Alaskan guy. Now 6 weeks left of the sabbatical and then back to dancing regularly… 

DJ Lubi Current 100% Salsa Top 10
01. La Japonesa Salsera – Yoko Mimata
02. Dale Otra Opportunidad – La Excelencia [Listen]
03. El Nazareno – Orlando Ortiz & Orquesta Karibe Mambo
04. Tu No Me Quieros A Mi – La Charanga Moderna [Listen]
05. Salsa Pura Y Nada Mas – Don Sonero 
06. Con Mi Tumbao – La Sonora Libre [Listen]
07. Somos Rumberos Del Callejon – Rumberos Del Callejon [Listen]
08. Mama Calunga – La Tromboranga Orquesta [Listen]
09. Rumberos Del Corazon – Dorance Lorza & Sexteto Cafe
10. Cogelo Ahi – Bloque 53 [Listen]

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