The Civil Wars – Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover)

Cannot say how much I have come to love and adore this band! I got their first album when it was still free and Live at Eddie’s Attic. I drove 6 hours round trip on a Monday after work to go see them and come back that eve (good show, horrible evening with a stressful drive to make it in time, will try* not to do that again!) They are coming in November to Newcastle and you can bet I will be there again. (Thanks friend for the ticket!) 

And the line “people always told me be careful what you do, don’t go around breaking young girls hearts” has had such a strange amount of truth to me as of late and I suppose to all the other girls who’ve had broken hearts. Which I suppose is all of us. 

But mostly I don’t take the song that seriously and just laugh at it for the amusement that it is. 🙂 It is great fun to dance to in it’s original form, great in it’s folky cover by this amazing duo, and great fun if you know any friends who can beatbox to it. Which I do. 

*I can never be trusted when a band I love is playing halfway across the country and I don’t have tickets for my city. I may actually do that again against all good judgment. 

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