Cross racial marriage and adoption

What can I say? Totally for it. If God brought a man into my life who loved Jesus, was humble, was ongoing repenting of sin in his life and was growing in his faith, loved God, loved people and I was attracted to and we had similar visions for life.. would totally marry cross culturally or racially.

Adoption too. If we couldn’t have children or maybe something came up where we found a child needed a home who was a different race, would totally consider it. I live cross culturally. I am not ignorant to those issues. I just think with wisdom and care and prayer and education, they could be worked through.

This was not the view of the world I was shocked into learning a few years ago with two very good friends (still good friends! Love you guys!) who had a throw down with me over cross cultural/ racial adoption. I was so confused and shocked how anyone could be against it. This conversation went on for ages in my living room, them baffled at my openness and me baffled at their staunch opposition. 

It then occurred to me that the make ups of our families may have something to do with our world views being so different on the subject (I have no idea what they think of cross cultural marriage I should clarify, it was only adoption we were arguing about). Their families were all white and English… mine is.. well.. the rainbow would be a better description!

I have several adopted cousins. I also have a family on both sides who have no problem with cross cultural marriage and it shows from our family pictures. White, black, various latin countries, various southeast Asian countries, you name it.. we have it. 🙂 And I love it. 🙂 My family being a melting pot of American immigrant ethnicities of various African American and white European backgrounds all mixed in with Mexican, Peruvian, Thai, Philipino, Bolivian, Cherokee, Lebanese and probably ten others.. well just makes me smile. 🙂 If I brought home a white boy from Ohio my parents would probably by shocked. 

Equally so I’d love to have kids one day and if I couldn’t… well there are a lot of places in the world where kids need good homes and parents. 

Family pictures in my family are awesome with our hair colours from red to blond to brown to black 🙂 

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