And then there’s that time of year when we especially remember why Britain isn’t Europe

What can I say.. 8 years ago I was introduced to what is the shockingness of Eurovision. It is an annual mockery of a music competition that the Europeans totally take seriously whilst British announcers are dubbed over it in the UK to do one job: take the mickey out of the whole event (that would be mock or make fun of to you Americans)

My first Eurovision experience was to be invited to my British friends houses in Liverpool to dress up in “Pick A European Country ” fancy dress (costumes for you Americans) and to participate in the mockery of this weird and quirky competition the Europeans love and the Brits just scratch their heads not quite getting/ are amused by the political judging. All the Balkan countries vote for each other and no one votes for the UK ever.. despite the reputable music industry in the UK for example.

And it makes me think: I have definitely gotten the cooler country to live in on this continent. And reminds me of one more reason why the UK is most definitely not Europe.

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