A bit of sunshine

As much as I travel for work I don’t seem to fit in actual holidays very much which is why this week has been very nice. I came out to the other coast (my first and last view of this ocean was from South Korea) to see some cousins and good friends from university. It has been niiiice! 
A bit of sun with the cousin I call sister. 🙂 She wouldn’t get in the water. But after six months of swims and dips in the North Sea last year I was tough enough for the cool Pacific. 

 Love the colour of bright pink flowers on a bright blue sky! 

The amazing Kim. Good friend, musician, listener and we once rode Eastern European trains for a summer together. Lots of fun tales from that one.. 

Itty bity tea glass. 🙂 I say yes to Korean medicinal tea with flowers in it. 🙂 

However I would not want to live here for this. I will take my British city and it’s low traffic issues any day over this! 

More cousins time. It has been gooood! 

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