The professional traveler

I have been on 13 planes in the last 5 months. Hence, I have learnt how to pack and how to travel in a fairly compact way. I can pack for weeks in a short amount of time. My holiday to see some family and friends this week left me thinking that I’d show you some of my packing tips. 

Every girl needs a pair of red heels. I love mine. They were cheap… maybe 15 pounds from Zara years ago 🙂 But still look cool. I decided on this trip I’d wear mine through the airport just so I didn’t feel like a scruff since I was traveling during the day. If it was an evening flight, I’d wear trainers. Shoes you can slip on and off quickly for the security checks are a must. Also wearing socks is a must since you need to walk through the security check shoeless. 

Heels may kill you though walking through three airports in a cross country series of flights, so packing flip flops just in case you need a comfy flat shoe halfway through the trip is a nice back up and fits into a rucksack easily and takes up little space. I like my reefs. Also mandatory is my yoga pants or some sorta sweats, and change of underwear in case your checked in suitcase doesn’t show up and you need pjs or clothes to wear the next day or you just get sick of jeans and wanna be a bit more comfy in traveling later. I choose a rucksack/backpack to travel with because the even distribution of weight with the double straps instead of one hanging off a shoulder make for a less sore back at the end of all my travel. (though not by much cause the plane always kills it!) A book is a must, my read this trip is Finally Alive by John Piper. Lastly in this bag.. the macbook. Love my mac. Can’t leave home without it. 

This is the bonus bag. You don’t really wanna walk around your destination city with a backpack so switching to a smaller handbag when you get there is good. I shove this in my backpack and I actually traveled into the airport and went through security check in with it and all it’s contents in my rucksack for simplicity and only one bags’ worth of junk. But pull it out once I get on my first plane to pull out a few simple necessities I need on the plane so I can stow the rucksack in the bin on top and just have what I’ll want for that flight. Usually I have my bible, journal, and the book, and above.. my plane tickets, water bottle (wait to fill it up at a water fountain once you are through security because they will never let you have water at the security and I have been made to drink the entire bottle in one go or have to give them the bottle at times when I have gone with liquid in it) and lastly.. my special travel secret.. my scruffy slippers! 🙂 Getting on the plane and changing shoes to slippers makes travel all the nicer. 🙂 

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