How can I know I am a Christian?

How can I know I am a Christian – receive the Word – by Thabiti Anyabwile 

I will do a blog later on in my 30-30 series about the Bible. But I remember the days of Crossen and the Jesus Seminar in my Comparative Religion seminar.. and their beads. Their flippin beads. Drove me crazy.

Most of you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and for that be relieved you didn’t have to read such rubbish.

But there are those who find doubts strong and the Bible not credible and your confidence waining.. Or you have always thought me mad. Or you don’t believe in anything but you just like to click on random sermons I post for the fun of it. Pastor Thabiti’s sermons have been really good for me to listen to lately in lieu of my sabbatical. Have up. The other one goes first.

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