Cajeta Cat

If you’re my facebook friend you may have seen that I was very excited to have had NICE real Mexican food this weekend (think, not Chipotle.. though we love it) with my best friend from college. What led us to that place was getting a belated birthday gift from her in the form of a squeezy bottle. You think a squeezy bottle? What’s the excitement all about?! You do not understand. 
This is a wonderful squeezy bottle. 
In fact, I’ve never seen this substance in a squeezy bottle before which made it all the more wonderful. 
I give you: 
In squeezy bottle form! 
You think I am loco. I get it. Okay cajeta is a gooey caramel substance made from a goats milk background and it is AWESOME. British people, think the condensed milk into toffee base of banoffee pie but better tasting! As a kid we’d bring it back from Mexico every time we went down to see family. Or my mom or aunt, us few northern exiles to our giant, Texas family would bring it back with them when they went without the kids. Jars. Like this one, filled with carmelly goodness. And it is now in squeeze form. And going back to England with me. So excited. 

Cajeta was awesome when we had a cat. Don’t think bad of me. But we had a cat named Kitty for years (yes, I named him, I know I know..) who somehow discovered the goodness of cajeta and every time we opened the cupboard where it was kept, he’d go mad like a cat on catnip. And then I’d give him a spoonful. And make sure I wiped it on his nose and whiskers playfully. The cat would be awkwardly madly licking himself for an hour excitedly but fruitlessly trying to eat it and clean himself. It was pretty funny. And yes I am a bad cat owner. 
Kitty was also dressed up in doll clothes occasionally. 

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