Ohio Tales

Today was a sweltering Ohio day of 87 (yes that would be 30* Celsius to my other half of the planet!).. but wait.. it snowed when I was walking home from getting my hair cut on Saturday. Yes that was 5 days ago. And I have seen at least one or maybe two rain storms since then. So welcome to Ohio. We always joked growing up here that if you didn’t like the weather, stick around a bit. I have seen Ohio in all her glory very clearly the last 3 weeks. 

Tomorrow I get to be Auntie Super Nanny for the weekend with my nephews. I read the 4 page list of schedules and warnings and how-tos and nearly died laughing. My sister in law is seriously hilarious (and thorough). I have asked her if I can blog some of her hilarious pages to me later this weekend after the boys get to sleep and she kindly agreed. I will share with you some Maria humour (and what COULD go wrong with this weekend) as well as what DID go wrong this weekend in a night or two. I think one thing on the list was “close the bathroom door or else Alister will bathe himself in the toilet!” 

Joys of my time home so far has been my home church http://www.ccchapel.com Christ Community is just awesome and I am so blessed to call them my church family. I visited two classes worth of 5 years olds at a local kindergarden because they were studying England and I am friends with one of the kids moms’ so she arranged for me to come in and answer questions. One little guy knew everything there was to know about ManU and what all the teams were ranking at the moment. I was impressed. I had no idea! I also made sure they knew London was the CAPITOL of England and not the country where I lived. And what the break down of the UK and her various parts was. Key things Americans miss sometimes 😉 My parents have had some funny one liners.. but I can’t seem to remember the one my mom gave my dad today. Nearly died laughing..something about my dad apologizing for being such a pain in the neck and my mom saying “oh you’re just yourself” .. they laughed at me for laughing so hard at that. I introduced my dad to cafe tiers and brought one home for my parents to keep (and so I get the joy of my beloved coffee the way I like it here) and my dad since has asked me for a cup of my “squeezed coffee” every day. 

Now time for bed so I can be Super Nanny this weekend. Texts and advice/cheerleading/prayers would be appreciated! 

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