Nephews take on Auntie

So.. here I am at the beginning of my weekend with my nephews – day one. They really are cute little guys! So far I have had no major meltdowns, even when mom and dad left and A has been particularly cute with his squeals and “cute voice” which is really high and baby like as he points to everything and says da da! da da! Which translates less to being daddy and more to “I’m telling you this and I’m telling you that!” It also means “What’s this called and what’s that called?”

Maria’s funny list for me is 4 pages (thorough) and involved but here are my favourite parts of the list:

The Boys (goodluck 😉 

Rising at the butt crack of dawn:
…. then lots of instructions.. 

…………… lots of things and instructions on everything then .. .

Mikels language :
wa-wa – water
gee – granola bar (or cookie)
cupy or sippy – milk
chi – chip
AH NAA – all done
icee – ice cream
ninga ninga – banana


Survival Tips 
There’s always tv. .. (they swore they would never do it before they had kids) 

…… 15 more things … then …
* They eat a lot
* Keep the bathroom door closed or they will eat the toothpaste and flood the bathroom and Alister will bathe in the toilet
* If they’re quiet, they’re up to something
* Don’t let Alister walk down the steps alone. He will sometimes jump. (seeing a daredevil bungy jumping/skydiving future for this kid – my comment!)
* Don’t trust Mikel to stay next to you in public, he’s a runner.

Over all it’s been a fun day with my cute lil people. They are doing well with Auntie Christy and I have not lost one in the toilet yet. Though Mikel did eat a lot of bubbles earlier. :/

Grandma has come to help them eat. (Yeah couldn’t get them to eat lunch – :/) So blog up and then back to being the Super Nanny.

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