City v suburbs

I have discovered that over my 20s I have become a city girl. I was raised in the suburbs. My family all  still live in the suburbs. But I like the city. Cities in Britain can kinda have a suburb thing around them.. but we have city centres and you are never far from the centre of everything if you live in city limits. So here I am .. in the suburbs.. googling “dance” dance lessons.. any kinda.. I’ll take hip hop, ballet, salsa (club please not ballroom),  other artsy things, and well.. I just can’t find ANY! In a … Continue reading City v suburbs

How to change

While I am in the States on a sabbatical, I am getting time for things that I need in my job and don’t get enough of as my life is serving others, and giving to people spiritually. If I don’t have a full tank from the Lord.. I have nothing but fumes to give on and so many times it’s easy to give based on what you “know” and not what the Lord is doing fresh in your life. I read my bible and pray regularly but sometimes the stress of the amount of giving I have in my job … Continue reading How to change

The Kings own son.. was treated like a criminal…

I get this monthly newsletter from a group of churches called Redeemer City to City. They are churches from all over the world partnered together in the gospel… from different denominations.. all united around the truth of God’s word and our need for the good news of Jesus Christ. I ended up listening to a sermon from a church in Dubai today and it’s really good. Have a listen. Even if you aren’t so into Jesus. You might find it challenging and awakening like I do. Continue reading The Kings own son.. was treated like a criminal…

America homecoming..

So to clarify for anyone that is confused. I am coming back to the UK. I just have to be out for a few months due to something I don’t understand very well called a Totalization Treaty. If you’re really bored or a geek you can google it. So here I am in America on a 2 year overdue scheduled sabbatical for a couple months. As usual when I come “home” America becomes quite weird to me (hey nearly a decade outside of your home country can do that to anyone!) As cross cultural things are one of my great … Continue reading America homecoming..

Wedding Date Rules ??

So what are the wedding date rules?I am going to one of my best friends from college’s wedding in June. Her and I are very close but haven’t lived in the same country, except for the one year blip on my radar, in 8 years. Her wedding is in a country I hardly ever live in, in a state I have never lived in (well unless you count a couple months during a summer 11 years ago!). And I have hardly any guy friends who are still single back in the US.If I was going to a wedding in the … Continue reading Wedding Date Rules ??

What it’s not..

I am reading Counterfeit God’s by Tim Keller and saw this and thought I’d write you an excerpt. The book is really good and I recommend it. “At this point in the story, many contemporary readers will be wondering: “Where are all of the spiritual heroes in this story? Whom am I supposed to be emulating? What is the moral of the story?” The reason for our confusion is that we usually read the Bible as a series of disconnected stories, each with a “moral” for how we should live our lives. It is not. Rather, it comprises a single story, telling … Continue reading What it’s not..