Revisiting the Gospel

Revisiting the Gospel 

Over my sabbatical time the last few weeks.. things have been morphing in terms of where the Lord is leading me and what I have been studying.. more and more it’s been honing in on the gospel. I listened to this this morning and spend time in Jonah. Have a listen with me. x

3 thoughts on “Revisiting the Gospel

  1. Nice to know someone else is a fan of The Village! I love Matt Chandler's preaching, I listen to him every week when I do my ironing. Hope to visit in person one day!


  2. Lisa click on the link “revisiting the gospel” – the words will take you straight there! 🙂

    Louise.. it's my first listen to the village! I remember you are a Chandler fan! He has a new book coming out called The Explicit Gospel which was plugged on our Agape US website and it looked good so decided to check some related sermons. 🙂 Enjoyed it a lot!


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