#1 Jesus  

The best thing in life to happen to me was to get to know Jesus Christ.

The most important thing anyone should know about my life is Jesus.

Someday I will die and will be forgotten and the name you should remember is Jesus not mine.

Jesus matters more than you know right now. I hope everyone of you will get to know him for yourself. Some of you think you know Jesus and you need to erase the Jesus of your imaginations and get to know him as He really is. I’m from middle America. I know. There are a lot of bad ideas about Jesus that aren’t true. The “self help Jesus,” the “Jesus is some dead guy from history,” the “Jesus is here to fix all my personal problems but not require my very life to be his” the “Jesus is less than God.” All of those have to go.

While others of you don’t have the imaginary Jesus problem but think I have the imaginary friend problem, I’d like to encourage you… Ask God to show himself to you. Consider it. I encourage you as well to get to know Jesus: the self existent one, the God who is, the one who created everything.. the one who loves you more than you you know.

I was introduced to Jesus at a young age and became a Christian.. or a follower of Jesus when I was about 5. All I knew was Jesus was real. He loved me and I wanted to go live with him someday and he died for me and rose from death to make that possible. My mommy explained sin to me and why Jesus had to die. As a very little girl I didn’t know much but I knew I wanted my life to belong to Jesus.

And then the rest of my life happened.

And the rest of the story has been learning what all that means and really getting to know Jesus better. It’s been a bumpy road but he has been the best part.

Now I can think of some of my readers (yeah actually not just the random ones reading from middle of nowhere America or Russia or Germany that I see follow me regularly in silence – say hellloooo introduce yourself.. ahem! But rather people I actually know, friends, who’s names just popped into my head who are rolling their eyes at my insanity and we are only on point #1 of my life lessons.

I have 29 blogs to go of the most important things I have learnt in life. But Jesus is more than a life lesson. He is wonderful. He is real. He is precious. And he matters to every one of you even if you think I am a nutjob right now. All of my life lessons, whether they seem “spiritual” or “unspiritual” are inextricably linked to him. My prayer for you as you wander through my head in these readings, laugh with me, laugh at me, wince with me, in all the things I’ve learnt.. is that you will consider Jesus and what he has to do with you.

Jesus Christ crucified, died, buried, risen, and reigning and glorified is the best thing in life and eternity.

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