City v suburbs

I have discovered that over my 20s I have become a city girl. I was raised in the suburbs. My family all  still live in the suburbs. But I like the city. Cities in Britain can kinda have a suburb thing around them.. but we have city centres and you are never far from the centre of everything if you live in city limits.

So here I am .. in the suburbs.. googling “dance” dance lessons.. any kinda.. I’ll take hip hop, ballet, salsa (club please not ballroom),  other artsy things, and well.. I just can’t find ANY! In a huge radius.

So here I am in the suburbs a few months.. with a 45 minute walk to get out of houses and neighbourhoods to just get to a coffee shop might alone something more interesting than that… or driving 20 minutes to a 45 minutes to get to anything.. and in between everything.. more driving … and realizing.. I just want my cities. Where you walk outside and hop on public transport or even my car and everything is close. And the culture and interesting things to do are everywhere.. and some cost money but some are free. I want to see other cultures and races and have more than shopping as the only thing to do in town.

And I want to dance and it looks like I am going to be restricted to youtube. Or maybe running my own class. Why did I not learn to lead?

Dear city I miss you!

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