How to change

While I am in the States on a sabbatical, I am getting time for things that I need in my job and don’t get enough of as my life is serving others, and giving to people spiritually. If I don’t have a full tank from the Lord.. I have nothing but fumes to give on and so many times it’s easy to give based on what you “know” and not what the Lord is doing fresh in your life. I read my bible and pray regularly but sometimes the stress of the amount of giving I have in my job means I cut short time with Jesus for others. A foolish mistake. He has what people need, I am just the vessel and messenger. I am grateful for the first sabbatical of my career where I can do a lot more of that and seek the Lord for what he has next and for how to best serve him. I think one of my sins in life is not stopping to listen to the Lord’s voice enough.

This week one of the things I have been reading and spending time with in scripture is from this book by John Piper looking at the doctrine of regeneration – when God takes people from death to life by being reborn. John 3 is where you can start to read Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, a religious leader of the time who was a bit confused.

God is in the business of changing people. Not for people just assenting that they know him but to look no different but for people to really know Him, change will happen.. new life happens, rebirth happens and it changes everything… and that is some of what I am thinking about this week…

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