America homecoming..

So to clarify for anyone that is confused. I am coming back to the UK. I just have to be out for a few months due to something I don’t understand very well called a Totalization Treaty. If you’re really bored or a geek you can google it. So here I am in America on a 2 year overdue scheduled sabbatical for a couple months. As usual when I come “home” America becomes quite weird to me (hey nearly a decade outside of your home country can do that to anyone!) As cross cultural things are one of my great amusements in life. Here are the few I picked up on my way back “home” wherever home is.. 

1. In the Paris Airport getting a connection on the way back to the US… there was a mob of mostly french and Americans and maybe a few other nationalities “queuing” to get their passports checked and get on the plane. 

BUT THEY WEREN’T queuing! People were shoving about in line and jumping the queue in front of me and I have to admit.. I freaked out just a little bit inside with true British suppressed judgment… how dare they cut the queue!?!? What is wrong with them?! Americans at the very least should understand the concept of a line.

Apparently not. 

Thank you British people. You have rubbed off on me. 

Southern American hospitality and other amusements.. 🙂 

2. Atlanta emigration and passport control. The guy flips through my passport, asks me questions about the countries I have been to lately and my job in the UK. Next question: So how is Josh McDowell doing?! 

Lol. If you are a Christian you might know how funny this is. If you work with me even funnier. 

The emigration officer and I then talked about intercessory prayer and Christian organizations. The middle aged man used to be involved with us as a student. hahaha.. Welcome to America and the bible belt. I was amused. 🙂 

3. One of the airport officials directing me to where to check my bag said to me “he could follow my smile all the way back to Cleveland” hahahahaha. I’m so sure. 🙂 

4. After emigration, checking my luggage back onto the next connection, before I went to my connecting flight we had to go through another security scan. The security guy was hilarious as he directed us to queues. Told jokes and goofed off the whole time. Favourite quotes: 

“Keep going keep going, the suffering of emigration is almost over! You’re nearly through!”
“Put your passports away. We don’t need yo tickets or your passports. You can walk through here wit a bag ova yo head and we don’t care, you’re gettin through!” 


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