Wedding Date Rules ??

So what are the wedding date rules?

I am going to one of my best friends from college’s wedding in June. Her and I are very close but haven’t lived in the same country, except for the one year blip on my radar, in 8 years. Her wedding is in a country I hardly ever live in, in a state I have never lived in (well unless you count a couple months during a summer 11 years ago!). And I have hardly any guy friends who are still single back in the US.

If I was going to a wedding in the UK.. my plethora of potential wedding date “plus ones” would be many. Just grab any single guy friend you have fun with to go attend the wedding with you for the day. And nothing in the UK takes all THAT long to get to. A few hours on the train to most places.

But if I am in the US… do I drag a guy friend from halfway across the country to come with me? Invite someone to come over from the UK? Either way, it’s a LONG way to go to be my date at a wedding where they will know no one but me. True it’s a nice beach where the wedding is and a lot to do.. but considering I don’t know very many people at the wedding other than the bride and her family … what is protocol? And more importantly how do you communicate “just because I’m inviting you to a wedding a country or a handful of states away does NOT mean you and I are getting married. I just need a fun date?! 🙂 haha.. maybe if I just say that??

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