Across ethnic barriers… Meet Thabiti Anyabwile… the newest of the pastors and theologians I have begun to read and listen to his stuff. An excerpt from his blog. Love  his stuff. Muslim background Christian pastor serving in a church in the Grand Cayman islands.  ” I want to cooperate with men who don’t blink when they hear the Savior put such trust in God’s word, because taking their cue from the Savior they too put their trust in the Bible. The Utter Urgency, Beauty, and Priority of Thinking, Feeling, and Living as One New Humanity or Spiritual Ethnicity in Christ. To put … Continue reading Across ethnic barriers…

#4 Laughter Laughter is awesome. I mean hands down who doesn’t love laughing? I like smiling. I like GRINNING! I like giggling. And I love laughing til your sides ache and you’re about to fall off your chair or wet yourself or just be in pain from uncontrollable laughter. There is nothing like it. Laughing is important to health, important to friendships, important to sanity and one lesson in laughter is.. it is good to learn to laugh at yourself. Me learning to laugh at myself has been a good life lesson.And if I can.. laugh every day. 🙂Especially with good … Continue reading

#3 Grace                   Grace changes everything.  My whole life has been a long lesson in learning grace. It is one of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learnt and it is one of the slowest coming and one I think I will continue to learn the rest of my life. Grace is one of my favourite words in the world. It is the concept that turns history upside down. It changes everything and if the world would awaken to grace, everything would be different. CS Lewis said once in a meeting that it … Continue reading

The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine

There is nothing on earth like a well crafted song. And when it’s hit.. musically, lyrically… emotionally… you just know. This is one of those songs in my book. I’ve loved this band since they first hit the scene and drove an insane amount in an evening to catch a live gig of them back in the UK. I look forward to the next time I see them in my city in November. This is the kind of songwriter I hope to someday be. Honest. Raw. Beautiful. Continue reading The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine

#2 Love people I had a friend at university who I’ve since mostly lost touch with except for the random facebook link and maybe swapping an email once every year or two. But at uni he was a bit of a big brother figure to me. And as he was about to graduate, on one of the last nights I saw him, he pulled up my little sophomore self and said “Christy, love people.”And that sounded like good advice.And so I did. Continue reading

#1 Jesus   The best thing in life to happen to me was to get to know Jesus Christ.The most important thing anyone should know about my life is Jesus.Someday I will die and will be forgotten and the name you should remember is Jesus not mine.Jesus matters more than you know right now. I hope everyone of you will get to know him for yourself. Some of you think you know Jesus and you need to erase the Jesus of your imaginations and get to know him as He really is. I’m from middle America. I know. There are … Continue reading

30-30 Challenge

This past weekend was my 31st birthday. I love to write. I have filled more journals than I can count over the years. I had to pack them the other day: just my journals since I’ve lived in the UK. I am sure there were over 25 of them. A year ago I had an idea of writing, or rather “blogging” the top 30 things I’ve learnt in the last 30 years. I had some encouragement from you guys and then never got around to it. My life is very full and often stationary things… even writing these days gets … Continue reading 30-30 Challenge

The Babysitting Weekend

Hasn’t happened yet. In 11 days I will learn how to be a single parent. Very suddenly. Or rather, the super nanny. Or let’s be honest. I have babysat a grand total about about 6 times ever. And a horror story about 6 years ago scarred me for awhile and included the children breaking my glasses (by throwing a vacuum cleaner part at my face), nearly breaking the computer, destroying the house, fighting – a lot, and the 6 year old going the big D and then SMEARING IT ALL OVER THE WALLS as I tried to get him out … Continue reading The Babysitting Weekend