Worst International Aid Ideas

Okay so I am a cynic and picky about what I give to. Give. Give a lot. But be particular. Do your homework. Don’t give because you feel guilty at the bucket the street recruiter has in front of your face. Or because it’s cool and the trendy thing to do. Give because it will actually serve the people and not your guilt conscious… or a celebrity’s fame… or a viral campaign gone bad… http://matadornetwork.com/change/7-worst-international-aid-ideas/ Continue reading Worst International Aid Ideas

Recycled ribbons

Okay I admit I am a little bit of a pack rat. I took to making my housemates and guests keep the wrappers from these nice italian biscuits because I was sure I could make an art project of the waxy decorative papers that each were individually wrapped in.  So this week I started pulling out ribbons I had saved from Christmas gifts this year (nice clothe ones, not plastic bows. And low and behold they helped me make some beautiful cards this week! I am up to about 15. Nice paper on sale, recycled ribbons from Christmas gifts and … Continue reading Recycled ribbons

Man Up Anthem

I love these guys. If you see me at the gym busting it in a practice room or shamelessly dancing in front of a mirror in the weight room cause the practice rooms are closed…. chances are strong it is one of these guys in this video (or Beyonce, Eminem, Ron Renaissance, or some sorta latin groove bachata the like..) Chances are you’ve heard of the latter and not these guys.. check em all out. http://www.reachrecords.com Continue reading Man Up Anthem


My friend put this article on FB so I have stolen it to bloggy about it. My leadership coach with work made me read the book The Tipping Point as my sole thing to think about for my personally development plan for the year awhile back because he was convinced I was one of the three people in the book, a connector that this article below is talking about. I read it and laughed. It was SO true. It was interesting to think about how I “do” life verses how many other people I knew who did life and learning maybe … Continue reading Connectors

The evil water bottle

In case you can’t see clearly enough. The limp thing that looks like an oddly shaped soaked sweater is the cover for my hot water bottle. Not once but twice now I have woken in the morning to my bed being soaked because hte hot water bottle decided to have a slow leak all night. I came in tonight after being out of the house most of the day to step in a puddle on my floor.  Yes a puddle.  The slow leak in my bed last night wasn’t enough. It continued to leak all day long onto the floor … Continue reading The evil water bottle

The one with the video about satan

This weekend my church did a weekend away in the borders on the book of Revelation. So much misunderstanding and mythology and weirdness ideas around a book that God had inspired to give us so much hope and freedom and warning and assurance. It was great unpacking it in context (again, I did it a few years ago with another church I went to in another city) and being reminded of the hope of the conquering lamb. I did a seminar called “Erasing Hell” .. not a light topic to be sure! Left with a full head and heart but … Continue reading The one with the video about satan