Liking things for odd reasons

I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night. My friend didn’t think I would like it. When I read the review, there were some scenes I knew were coming I was sure I’d have to close my eyes through. And I did. For some really long awful drawn out scenes: eyes closed, fingers wiggling in my ears because I did not want to hear the awful noises from the screen or see the images.  There were a lot of parts of the film that contradicted values in my worldview. It was not a “moral” film in any way. … Continue reading Liking things for odd reasons


I’m a place person. I always have been. A sense of place and space means something to me. It can juice or kill my creativity, my ability to think, my comfort levels. I like cities. Urban places. Musical places. I like artsy places. I like a hole in the ground coffee shop or bar that feels a bit Spanish. I like a vibe that is full of life and character and interesting and different people. On a whole different level, the countryside, I love Hothorpe Hall. In Theddingworth Leicestershire. Middle of no where England. I have studied the Bible here … Continue reading Place

Lessons from Lamlash

I have a bunch of very adventurous friends and a crew of us spent New Years weekend in Scotland getting pelted by rain, and for those who climbed the mountain, snow as well, trying to see how many adventures we could fit into 5 days. Here is a list of my “Lessons from Lamlash”: I went mountain biking for maybe the second time ever in my life doing what a mountain bike is supposed to do. I mean, I grew up “mountain biking” with my dad … on trails in the metroparks in northeast Ohio.. which if you know Northeast … Continue reading Lessons from Lamlash

A Word for Those Who Have Forsaken Jesus

A Word for Those Who Have Forsaken Jesus by John Piper | December 31, 2011 How eager Jesus was to restore broken fellowship with his apostles after the resurrection! Surely this is a sign of how eager he is to restore us when we have drifted (or bolted) away. All the apostles had forsaken him. In the garden, at his most sorrowful hour, “They all left him and fled” (Mark 14:50). Now he was raised. What would he say to those who had abandoned him? Three healing things: To Mary at the tomb: “Go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I … Continue reading A Word for Those Who Have Forsaken Jesus