Anglo-EU translation guide

Love this. I love that I can read EU and UK speech. Definitely better at UK speech. And that sometimes I have given into UK speech. And sometimes I am still confused by UK speech. And sometimes I get the “rules” and know what someone is saying and decide to ignore it and go skipping over some imaginary line of what “should be done or said” and play a mental game with what I know people are saying and what I can get them to say/do/respond because I know what they mean and what I mean or what someone else … Continue reading Anglo-EU translation guide

My people. My soreness. And my ‘tude.

My weekend was filled with lots of fun. I went to a circuits class with a bunch of friends from church Friday. Did alright. Learned what a burpee is. Don’t think I like burpees. They hurt my ankles as you jump down onto the ground and I am slightly precious about my ankles. I have sprained one twice playing rugby and ultimate frisbee in the past: enough to end up in the hospital after the rugby injury (they thought it was broken for a few days) and need to be carried off the pitch by the frisbee one. But it … Continue reading My people. My soreness. And my ‘tude.