Hey all. I have a gig Monday at Barney and Jude’s in Sandyford. This means nothing to you if you don’t live in my city! If you are free it’s from 7-10.. there will be all the christmas goodies cause it’s at a new cafe sorta venue that used to be a church hall. I should be the end around 8ish or 9 I believe if the order hasn’t changed. Continue reading Gig

The one about the onesie

I did it. I caved and bought a onesie. I am now the proud owner of a dalmatian onesie. Or an incredible loser. One or the other. Upon borrowing my friend James’ onesie to try them out and decide if I wanted to invest the whole 10 quid in it, my housemates warned me if I ever wore a onesie around boys I’d never get a date. As I am wearing the onesie to a onesie party around a lot of guys and girls around new years. There goes my possible dates I suppose. But at least I am cuddly … Continue reading The one about the onesie

Why DR Congo is the Rape Capitol of the World

Okay time for a serious post. I have a lot of stupid fears. Worms. Actually petrified. Drowning. Sharks eating me. (It’s why as tempting as surfing looks.. I can’t… I just keep thinking.. you look like a seal!! Shark food!) Fairly freaked out by spiders. But my real fear? Rape. Horrible horrible word. And in some parts of the world it’s not just 1 in 4 who will be raped like it is in many western countries. It is 90% or more. It is many rapes, gang rapes. The worst of these countries is DRC. Unfortunately this article shows no … Continue reading Why DR Congo is the Rape Capitol of the World