How do I find my way out of here?

“I need your comfort God in my affliction… How do I find my way out of here?” – King David 

“This is the comfort in my affliction: Your promises give me life.. there are things that God has said to me such as “God is good” or that “He is faithful” and that I’ve heard and though I can’t take my laser pointer today and point to exactly how they are transpiring in this 24 hour period. Those promises or those realities are going to be the things I live from today. The realities that transcend my present circumstances. The fact that his statutes and his songs have become the songs in the house of my sojourning. As I’m traveling and journeying through these afflictions: I remember his promises. And these promises give me life to engage with whatever is in front of me today. And perhaps it’s those longings and dismay we feel ——
those acute aches that remind us that there is something better that we are longing for.” 

– Notes from Ramin’s sermon Psalm 119 Jan 16, 2011

I googled an old couple friends from uni today wondering what they were up to and specifically because their church floated through my head. Found their church website in Boulder Colorado and found a Ramin sermon and had a listen. Been many years since I’ve heard a Ramin sermon.

My random “I wonder what the Razavi’s are up to?” that sent me to google, Origins and then listen to the first sermon I saw.. turned out to not be so random.

It was exactly what I needed to hear today.

Thanks Lord.

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