The one about the onesie

I did it.

I caved and bought a onesie.

I am now the proud owner of a dalmatian onesie.

Or an incredible loser. One or the other.

Upon borrowing my friend James’ onesie to try them out and decide if I wanted to invest the whole 10 quid in it, my housemates warned me if I ever wore a onesie around boys I’d never get a date.

As I am wearing the onesie to a onesie party around a lot of guys and girls around new years. There goes my possible dates I suppose.

But at least I am cuddly warm in my house as opposed to the usual freezing! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The one about the onesie

  1. Onesies seem to be the sleepwear of choice right now =P My house group was supposed to have a weekend away which included a onesie party – not that everyone was going to partake but several of the girls had them and two of the guys. Ok, so one guy is a Dad and had a “cheeky monkey” onesie and the other guy had a Superman onesie purchased for him … but I have photographic evidence that they both wore them. It's not fair that it should “hurt” our image more than theirs to wear them…and we get cold more easily =)


  2. I can't sleep so up on the blog. Sorry blog did not tell me you guys had commented. No Haemin Onesie does mean the same thing. ie that baby piece of clothing parents get overgiven as baby presents – one piece covering all of baby, included with cloth cover the feet.

    Now imagine grown ups wearing them.

    And maybe some of them are brown and have a hood and monkey ears, or black and white spotted with a hood and puppy ears… now you have it..


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