How do I find my way out of here?

“I need your comfort God in my affliction… How do I find my way out of here?” – King David  “This is the comfort in my affliction: Your promises give me life.. there are things that God has said to me such as “God is good” or that “He is faithful” and that I’ve heard and though I can’t take my laser pointer today and point to exactly how they are transpiring in this 24 hour period. Those promises or those realities are going to be the things I live from today. The realities that transcend my present circumstances. The fact that … Continue reading How do I find my way out of here?

Not for wimps

Liked this blog by Challies quoting Horatius Bonar   Love being a girl. Love being feminine. As a woman it is a brilliant strut in the confidence of who God has made me to be. Very different meaning from an effeminate church, which is just wimpy and balls-less and unattractive. To put it directly.  Soft, Effeminate Christianity Tools:PrintE-mailPermalink Tim ChalliesDecember 14, 2011 [Note: I am reposting this helpful quote and post from Horatius Bonar from Tim Challies.Though it is not gender-related, strictly speaking, it does speak of important “manly” principles in the face of frothy, cotton-candy “Christianity” that often makes men squeemish and … Continue reading Not for wimps

Chili peppers and American politics.

    I cut up a chili tonight for Christmas meal / Secret Santa I had with my housemates plus our bonus honorary housemate Sus. Stupid me has accidentally touched the skin around my eye twice since then and nearly felt like my eyes were going to burn out. So it is 1am and 7 hours after cutting the chili I still have not taken my contacts out because that requires me to put chili fingers directly in my eyes. Dang it. Why did I not get a contact-less housemate to chop the chili!?! Thoughtless Christy! The chili reminds me … Continue reading Chili peppers and American politics.

Snow socks

Oh yes. That is right. I typed “snow socks.” Sounds incredibly ineffective right? I mean. Imagining wet feet at the moment. Cold wet feet. Bad idea. Bad title. It only gets funnier when you click on the link and find out what they are. Snow socks.. for your tyres. (Tires for you Yanks) See in most parts of the world where it snows there is this really nifty invention called a snow tire (tyre). It’s a bit more grippy. It stays on the road when the ice falls. What people don’t know who don’t regularly (yearly)  drive on snow and … Continue reading Snow socks