Big picture

I used to read Mookie’s old blog and when trying to wind down from a birthday party, a night of salsa and scalding myself with pouring the kettle into my hot water bottle (note to self… pour SLOWLY.. or it spews back at you like a geyser!).. I started perusing old blogs or people who’s blogs I enjoyed. I read this. Liked it. Thought it was worth you reading too. mmmookie: Thank You Jesus for giving me Life: 35 years in the books… Thank You Jesus for giving me life. 35 years is significant… my sister didn’t make it to … Continue reading Big picture

The icebox

As a kid I was perpetually ruined from going to anyone else’s house because my parents heated our house with a woodburning stove in the winter so even though it might have been -20C outside, it was about 30-35 C in the house. I love being warm and toasty. 🙂 So I would go to other peoples houses and FREEZE to death even when they had a house at a nice 68F… to me it was too cold. I eventually got out of that habit and realized that the warmth our woodburner created was not normal and had not prepared … Continue reading The icebox

Upside down

I lead a bible study at my church for first year students. It is boisterous and fun and I am enjoying getting to know them all as friends! 🙂 Today’s passage was from Mark chapter 9. I didn’t lead this time which meant I got more think time to observe and chew during the study since I didn’t have to direct questions to get the group thinking.  Upside down.  That is the word that sticks in my head in regard to what we looked at about Jesus today.  The way of Jesus is completely upside down to the way that … Continue reading Upside down

Selective hearing.. or speaking..

My nephew is nearly three and hardly speaks. My bro and sister in law have been trying to get him to talk and he sees a lil speech therapist to help him learn to talk a bit more. He will start pre-school early to help him out a bit. He’s probably a bit delayed but the funny part of the whole matter is that he is probably just plain darn stubborn and independent more than he is delayed. Not surprising when you look at the gene pool he has come from and all the ridiculously stubborn parents, grandparents, and aunties … Continue reading Selective hearing.. or speaking..

romans 5:8

There are SO many things I want to write about. Not having a blog for a few months has left my brain brewing with subjects. But also just life in all of it’s tosses and turns has left my brain brewing with subjects to write about. For me writing is a way of release. Creating in any way really helps me think. Whether it’s a song a poem a dance. Movement towards something to say something or create something beautiful helps me think. Or sometimes you need to say something that is not so beautiful but it is a part … Continue reading romans 5:8