Football and amusing conversations

I am trying to put together a team for 5 a side football this weekend. It has proved to be more difficult then I realized.

First I should say … in my country guys AND girls play soccer and it is not just for tom-boys. Reallyy girlly girls play football and I would like to stay on that end of the stereotype in your heads. So as I type about football. The sport that British people think only lads play. Just think.. I like flowers, lots of flowers, and the ballet and watching the nutcracker a few weeks ago made me want to be a fairy princess. On that note…

Seriously how hard is it to find 6 people to play on a football team? First off my housemates aren’t options at all. If you wonder, just see my housemates and they will laugh at you for such a question. Running is out of the question for the three of them. Running and chasing a ball is a no go. Indeed as a last ditch effort in talking to one of them tonight.. she laughed. A lot. But I knew that would be the case and she knew I knew that.. so it did make it funnier.

Second. My friend Emeka is in on it. I was mocking him for his lack of friends to be able to add to our small but mighty team. Our text conversation went like this:

Me: Do you have any work people you want to invite?

Emeka: They’re all in Glasgow or Gosport (he travels during the week for work)

Me: Oi. And Emeka has no other friends? Hmm I can prob ask students??

Emeka: Fair point.. I was being lazy..

Me: Okay done. Students it is. I am friends with boys who love salsa. That should say it all. 🙂

Emeka: Good work Christy. I am friends with boys who love computers…

Me: Grin

Emeka: Smile.

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