Americans, Food, Thanksgiving and my rants

My sister in law has become a blogger with her best friend. It’s good.

There are a few things that I know I overcompensate for in being an American abroad. One is geography. It’s a mixture of being a geek who really LIKES geography (and yes I can find Tashkent Uzbekistan on a map in about 3 seconds) and secondly hating the ridiculousness of the idiots in my country who manage to get on international television and open their mouths and not know where.. ya know.. China is. Or people from Tennessee who ask people in England “What language do you guys speak over there?”

Oh the pain.

How our country managed to pass so many people through school without knowing anything about the world they live in is beyond me.

So I overcompensate because I don’t want to be a dumb American. And I am prideful. Which went over really badly when I was at a Halloween party a few weeks ago and met a student dressed as Gaddafi and he assumed I was ignorant of the world’s recent blowup of revolutions earlier this year. He also hadn’t met Americans who can do British humour. For fun, I have occassionally picked up dry humour as my humour of choice and so this conversation went back and forth with me serving him dry poker faced humour and him assuming I was as dumb as he assumed Americans were and me thinking.. “this is too funny”.. so kept playing at him but realized after 10 minutes or so my attempt at culturally British humour failed because of my accent:  he didn’t get that I was poking at him with a masked bemused smile and just assumed the worst about my general knowledge to Kimberley’s laughing amusement of the entire awkward conversation. 🙂

Anyways.. how did I get there? The other thing I overcompensate for is food sometimes. I hate it when people assume because I am American that a burger is amy choice of food. I like to cook. I like to eat healthy. I rarely eat fast food. I pummel fruit and veg like a fruitfly and hope to keep making healthier choices then the mac and cheese every American kid grew up on (check my sister in laws blog) I mean it’s electric orange. It can’t be good for you.

So when it comes to Thanksgiving.. a lot of changes have to be made to healthify the recipes. Now I realize that it is a holiday and holiday food is just not always great for you. Pumpkin pie is not going to be healthy. But I love knowing if I cut out the entire cup of sugar that most sweet potato pie recipes call for that I am doing something good for me and all of my guests.

And killing some stereotypes by making an awesome meal and fairly healthy.

And so I sleep for tomorrow.. I cook. A lot.

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