Roasted, strong to quite strong please…

I have a splitting headache.

I don’t do well with splitting headaches. I want to be a big baby and moan a bit. I have come up with three options to my headache.

1.) I have caught my housemates virus that kept her off work and ill for the last ten days
2.) I am dehydrated and haven’t had enough water today (strong possibility)
3.) My addiction to caffeine is having a toll as I have not had a single coffee or tea today and now it is wreaking havoc on my brain.

Jo is very strongly in favour that it is option 3.

So I am in my new dance gear and trainers, planning on headed to the gym but instead I am sitting at the table, moaning with a large flask of water and a cafe tier in front of me and a mug of coffee hoping I can get rid of this headache asap!

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