From Ballet to Pirates

Watching the Nutcracker reminds me how much that deep down I still want to be a fairy princess in a magical place and just twirl around in a pretty dress. 

I said this on FB and my friend sent me the Pirates theme tune and said “What does this make you want to be?” I thought the conversation was funny enough to repeat to you here. I am sure my friend won’t mind. 
Me: what does it make me want to be?
I sawwww the nutcracker tonight!
Pirates makes me want to be rescued and fought for :)
Ellis Solaiman

oh i thought you were listening to the nutcracker sweat !
Christy Staats

Saw the nutcracker ballet tonight at theatre royale
Ellis Solaiman

was good then?
so you want to be rescued and fought for ?
Christy Staats

Ellis Solaiman

every girls drea?
Christy Staats

Pretty much
It was brilliant
Ellis Solaiman

rescued from what?
Christy Staats

Ellis Solaiman

thats good, im glad you enjoyed it
like bad monsters in the cupboard?
Christy Staats

Pretty much anything
drowning, the bad monsters in the cupboard, the creepy guy, the bad pirates, the jerk in the bar
we all want to be rescued
the ones who don’t are just suppressing what they really want
I will stand by this statement. I do think we all want to be rescued and the ones who say they won’t, or are anti – chivalry are just suppressing the femininity that is stored deep in our souls. Me: Bring on the hero, the gladiator, the William Wallace, the Robin Hood, the “I would die for her” the “holding out for a hero.. he’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight…” 

Something that that seems right about it all. 🙂

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