The Help

I saw The Help tonight.  (Last night  – finishing this post a bit late so I can start another one!)

I cried.

Other than it being a fantastic film. I just kept thinking.. 45 years ago. This film was set 45 years ago. Ish. My parents were kids..or maybe teenagers. This is the racism that our country has had. The unfairness. The class system. The race system.

It made me weep.

And what was worse is I know that some of it is still there. It’s different than Jim Crow. But it still exists. And we sometimes look a blind eye to it. A new hospital was build in my area. They build it in a rich white town. They had just closed down one of the emergency hospitals in poor gang ridden gun crime area of a nearby city. This hospital network cited they couldn’t afford it.

That city was full of minorities. A lot of them didn’t have health insurance.

But they could still afford to open a state of the art institute in a nearby white suburb where everyone had jobs that paid for expensive health insurance.

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