The icebox

As a kid I was perpetually ruined from going to anyone else’s house because my parents heated our house with a woodburning stove in the winter so even though it might have been -20C outside, it was about 30-35 C in the house. I love being warm and toasty. 🙂 So I would go to other peoples houses and FREEZE to death even when they had a house at a nice 68F… to me it was too cold. I eventually got out of that habit and realized that the warmth our woodburner created was not normal and had not prepared me for the world of normal peoples houses. (I also lived in an old farmhouse in uni where we could see cracks in the windows and could see our breath and frost inside the house. THAT was miserable. I should mention that before I launch into my very English winge about complaining about coldness and the weather)
I have kind of felt like I got  a bit of that shock all over again the last couple of months since we moved into our new house. The one I lived in the last couple of years was a new build, low ceilings, amazingly insulated, carpet.. our house was HOT! I started sleeping in my knickers in April and not much else just cause we didn’t need to. From there I went to the States where summer time landed us in weather that was 30-41C (between 90-109F) and so I was used to heat all summer. Even with air conditioning.. we never had it that cool in the house with the air so I was used to it being warm. And then I crashed in August. Where it seemed that England forgot to have summer in August. Wasn’t August the hottest month in Ohio normally? I returned to England having no heat, and a new house. A big old Georgian house specifically. High ceilings, big and wood floors. We had to move over the summer and ended up with a lovely provision of a house. Great location, and suited all our needs. I love my housemates. I like where we live. I have friends nearby. The whole package is great! Except. It is freezing. My first night back in the house I thought I was going to freeze to death and it was the end of August. Now that it is ACTUALLY getting winter.. I have resorted to Elephant and HWB (hot water bottle) to try to keep me warm at night amongst my duvet and 3 blankets in our freezing big old house. 
I wonder if my housemates will let me get a sheepdog. 
Or. Maybe a husband. 

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