romans 5:8

There are SO many things I want to write about. Not having a blog for a few months has left my brain brewing with subjects. But also just life in all of it’s tosses and turns has left my brain brewing with subjects to write about.

For me writing is a way of release. Creating in any way really helps me think. Whether it’s a song a poem a dance. Movement towards something to say something or create something beautiful helps me think. Or sometimes you need to say something that is not so beautiful but it is a part of the mess and needs to be said anyways. Life has it’s mess and complications.

I wrote about brokenness last week and I have been thinking a lot about that lately. Whether it is my sin or someone else’s. My insecurity or someone else’s. All of the questions I have unanswered or someone else’s unanswered frustrations with life.. what gives us hope. This verse from the bible has been stuck in my head all week:

..”but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” 

This is the most profound truth of my life. It is the most profound truth to a week that has given me a lot of heart ache. For many of my friends or readers (do I have readers yet on this new blog?!) it sounds ridiculous.

Some of you don’t believe in God. Some of you can’t hope that if there was a God he would love you. For some, the idea of Christ dieing for us is ridiculous – especially if you are from a Muslim background. Isn’t that the first thing you’re told about Christianity from your imam.. Jesus didn’t die? For others, we aren’t sinners.. or you don’t even know how to define a sinner.. isn’t it a bar near the Gate?

But this my friends.. as ridiculous as it may be to many or if not most of you is completely real and completely true. Not in my head. But in real life and it changes everything… It has changed me.

So for the next few weeks I think I might blog on some things that are real. Some things that may be funny. Some things that may be difficult. Because Christ dieing for us while we are still sinners makes all the difference in the world. I was planning on doing a top 30 things I have learned series which I never managed to do between a hectic summer and getting locked out of but perhaps those will be woven in.. it is time to write and time to explore some things a bit..

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