Football and amusing conversations

I am trying to put together a team for 5 a side football this weekend. It has proved to be more difficult then I realized. First I should say … in my country guys AND girls play soccer and it is not just for tom-boys. Reallyy girlly girls play football and I would like to stay on that end of the stereotype in your heads. So as I type about football. The sport that British people think only lads play. Just think.. I like flowers, lots of flowers, and the ballet and watching the nutcracker a few weeks ago made … Continue reading Football and amusing conversations


I love Thanksgiving. It is one of my absolute favourite holidays.  As a kid it didn’t always live up to my expectations so now I am a grown up and can do my own Thanksgivings, they are getting a bit ridiculous and out of control. I was a part of hosting a Thanksgiving for 76 on Thursday evening. And then again hosting one for 11 tonight! Both were wonderful in their different ways. 🙂 I am also becoming a bit of a pro in cooking turkeys. haha.  Here is my beautiful spread for this evening.. complete with my floral carved … Continue reading Thanksgiving


I heard Toto’s Africa on the radio this week. AMAZING. How cool is that song? But it wasn’t quite Toto’s. Someone had taken it and remixed it to some rap song. It wasn’t bad. I couldn’t find it online. So found another version of someone else’s remix. This might be cooler. Still love Africa. What a song. I need to get myself to the continent below for a visit one of these days. Also boys, I will accept serenaders to sing me this song. 😉 God blesssss the rainsss.. 🙂 Sigh. GREAT tune. Continue reading Africa

Americans, Food, Thanksgiving and my rants

My sister in law has become a blogger with her best friend. It’s good. There are a few things that I know I overcompensate for in being an American abroad. One is geography. It’s a mixture of being a geek who really LIKES geography (and yes I can find Tashkent Uzbekistan on a map in about 3 seconds) and secondly hating the ridiculousness of the idiots in my country who manage to get on international television and open their mouths and not know where.. ya know.. China is. Or people from Tennessee who ask people in England “What language … Continue reading Americans, Food, Thanksgiving and my rants

Roasted, strong to quite strong please…

I have a splitting headache. I don’t do well with splitting headaches. I want to be a big baby and moan a bit. I have come up with three options to my headache. 1.) I have caught my housemates virus that kept her off work and ill for the last ten days2.) I am dehydrated and haven’t had enough water today (strong possibility)3.) My addiction to caffeine is having a toll as I have not had a single coffee or tea today and now it is wreaking havoc on my brain. Jo is very strongly in favour that it is … Continue reading Roasted, strong to quite strong please…

Ricky Gervais on the differences between British humour and American humor

Ricky Gervais on the differences between British humour and American humor I have been here a long time so this is not anything new for me. I have in fact adapted greatly to British humour in many ways (though recently while being around 20 something year old guys for too long I was reminded that I have a breaking point when it comes to mockery.. “stop being idiots and give me a straight answer” was a phrase that came to mind.) But for those of you who have cultural curiosities. It is a good read. 🙂 Continue reading Ricky Gervais on the differences between British humour and American humor

From Ballet to Pirates

Watching the Nutcracker reminds me how much that deep down I still want to be a fairy princess in a magical place and just twirl around in a pretty dress.  I said this on FB and my friend sent me the Pirates theme tune and said “What does this make you want to be?” I thought the conversation was funny enough to repeat to you here. I am sure my friend won’t mind.  Me: what does it make me want to be? I sawwww the nutcracker tonight! Pirates makes me want to be rescued and fought for oh i thought … Continue reading From Ballet to Pirates

The cost

I was hesitating whether or not to blog this. Really as much as I love writing. And have come to enjoy rambling or ranting on a blog. I am a firm believer that airing all of your emotions on some public forum is just a bit weird. And not necessary. We long for real community and I think that it should come from real persons in the flesh next to you having a conversation. Not some social network or forum. So I don’t like the mopey, slit-your-wrists facebook status’s that are asking for sympathy. Me to my 1524 closest friends? … Continue reading The cost

The Help

I saw The Help tonight.  (Last night  – finishing this post a bit late so I can start another one!) I cried. Other than it being a fantastic film. I just kept thinking.. 45 years ago. This film was set 45 years ago. Ish. My parents were kids..or maybe teenagers. This is the racism that our country has had. The unfairness. The class system. The race system. It made me weep. And what was worse is I know that some of it is still there. It’s different than Jim Crow. But it still exists. And we sometimes look a blind … Continue reading The Help