We are all really broken people.

I don’t just  mean that broken in the sense that we have been hurt by other people and need a bit of psycho therapy for 10 years to work through the issues that have come from our parents.

But a down-a-hole, broken, no way out-if-I-am-not-rescued-or-better-yet-rescucitated sort of broken. I am broken not solely because of all the bad things that have happened to me by other people. Though if each of us thinks of it.. we have various levels of being betrayed, abandoned, abused, used, lied to, mistreated, treated as if we were worthless, disposed of, manipulated by and every manner of evil done to us by other people.

But when we are honest. Alone with ourselves. Looking at the mess of life. Do you ever look in the mirror and feel the ugliness of your own life screaming out at you? Accusing you? Pointing a finger at you? And you know, deep in your soul.. it is not just the world around me that has injured me..

I am broken because of the cavernness hole in my own heart that makes me do all manner of evil to everyone else in the world.

And we need a way out…

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