My new blog by my old Hannah

Hannah is awesome and helped me fix all the things in the design of this blog that I couldn’t do myself! Who is Hannah you may ask. Well one of the best people in my life bar none. Let me tell you some Hannah stories over the years. Well.. maybe I should tell you funny stories that have to do with the two of us. πŸ™‚

Hannah and I met as first years at Miami many years ago. Our first night of friendship was sealed in trying to jam in 4 events into one evening .. I think two were house parties, one was an ice skating trip and the last.. hmm UDF ice cream run was it Han? I can’t quite remember. We traipsed around town til the wee hours deciding we’d fit in all the fun in one night and have been friends ever since (to my current housemates’ chagrin I STILL have the problem of trying to fit in too much in one evening!)

Hannah has been rescuing me from technical calamities for a long time. Not just sorting out how to paste HTML into the right box in a do-it-yourself blog and make the photo smaller (Hannah for the record chose the photo, background AND fixed my photo size and STILL made the blog look more “like me” than the one I had previously tried to configure. This is how well she knows me.

Some funny Hannah/Christy moments from the past include but are definitely not limited to:

-The sheer HORROR on my face as I came into my 2nd year dorm room to see my computer in 1000 pieces on the floor as Hannah had swooped in like a velocoraptor on prey the moment I had stepped out of the room to go to the loo and had specifically told her “don’t touch the computer til I call my techie guy” (I would regularly find a techie geek to sort all my computer problems at uni. Like how to turn it on.. etc. πŸ˜‰ ) Hannah decided she could install the new hard drive for me. Without instructions. And she did. After I nearly had a heart attack. Hannah became my new tech guy. πŸ™‚

– Her asking me in 3rd or 4th year to check and see if the oven was ready to add whatever goody was on deck in some gooey form ready to be baked. I opened the door, stuck my hand in and said.. “Yeah I think it’s ready.” To this day Hannah will still near wet herself retelling the story.

– Me throwing her a surprise 21st 1/2 birthday and 2 days (she had a summer birthday, and we needed a weekend for my elaborate plans) and successfully being the only person on the planet to ever surprise Hannah and pull one over on her. Complete with bringing in her parents from out of town, friends from around the state, letters sent in from all over, her fav cake recipe and a house full of guests. The only hitch was it took her thinking I was as dippy as she thinks I am for me to pull off some of the lies I had to pull to get her out of the house and let the people know we were coming back (this was before the days of everyone having mobiles my dear youn-uns and wayyyy before texts.)

– Hannah has continued to be my computer guy over the years and has fixed my problems over here via skype, via me holding one computer over another with the webcam facing it so she could see it via skype and by her taking over my desktop from 5000 miles away to fix computer program issues. I still don’t know how she does it but I am definitely sure she has magic powers. πŸ™‚

– We have been to 9 or 10 countries together and are well overdue for another. πŸ™‚

Anyways.. I could go on for awhile but she is just awesome and one of my dearest friends.. faithful. And for her.. I present to you.. my new blog! πŸ™‚ Whoo hoo! Let the rambling begin!

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