When everything falls apart..

I saw a wink of a comment through facebook and I ended up on an old friend I am out of touch with from college’s blog and saw this old poem he wrote. It was good and what I needed to remember tonight. It has been a hard week for both me and many other people in my life. My aunt passed away on Monday. Many people I am close with are hurting for various reasons. I am hurting. We are all broken people. And I need to remember the Lord is enough. So I decided to post this to … Continue reading When everything falls apart..


We are all really broken people. I don’t just  mean that broken in the sense that we have been hurt by other people and need a bit of psycho therapy for 10 years to work through the issues that have come from our parents. But a down-a-hole, broken, no way out-if-I-am-not-rescued-or-better-yet-rescucitated sort of broken. I am broken not solely because of all the bad things that have happened to me by other people. Though if each of us thinks of it.. we have various levels of being betrayed, abandoned, abused, used, lied to, mistreated, treated as if we were worthless, … Continue reading Ugly

I need a hero..

Just saw the new Footloose. This was on the soundtrack. Just chillingly gorgeous and perhaps what a lot of girls are singing these days. Me too. Even when the rain comes.. it’s a hope worth waiting for.. Holding Out for a HeroWhere have all the good men goneAnd where are the gods?Where’s the streetwise HerculesTo fight the rising odds?Isn’t there a white knightUpon a fiery steed?Late at night I toss and turnAnd dream of what I needI need a heroI’m holding out for a hero till the end of the nightHe’s gotta be strong, he’s gotta be fastAnd he’s gotta be … Continue reading I need a hero..

Isn’t she lovely?

There is something just lovely about the word lovely. 🙂It makes me think of beauty.It is gentle.It is dear.It makes me smile.I think me and girls like me want to be lovely.We want to look lovely.We want to feel lovely.We want other people to think we are lovely.There is some kinda wonderful out there and lovely is very much a part of it. 🙂So I had to take this photo when I saw this wonderful word in a theatre cafe in town.The end. Continue reading Isn’t she lovely?

My new blog by my old Hannah

Hannah is awesome and helped me fix all the things in the design of this blog that I couldn’t do myself! Who is Hannah you may ask. Well one of the best people in my life bar none. Let me tell you some Hannah stories over the years. Well.. maybe I should tell you funny stories that have to do with the two of us. 🙂Hannah and I met as first years at Miami many years ago. Our first night of friendship was sealed in trying to jam in 4 events into one evening .. I think two were house … Continue reading My new blog by my old Hannah

I love PR

I do. I love to think about it. I love all things communication-wise. One of my degrees with Interpersonal Communications at uni. I dipped into the PR com. department and the Rhetorical com department and if I could have graduated with degrees in all three focuses I would. But I collected too many other majors to have time to do that in a four year course! Needless to say I can be a bit geeky when it comes to all things communication. I like to read news articles and highlight rhetoric for fun. You should have seen me with my … Continue reading I love PR